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Mold Inspection

Mold growth most commonly occurs after water damage or in areas where excessive moisture is present. Problems such as asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems are exacerbated when mold is present, which can make you sick. At CC Cleaning/Maintenance, Inc., we offer professional mold inspection and mold remediation services in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance, and neighboring communities.

The certified mold remediation specialists at CC Cleaning/Maintenance, Inc. have extensive training to ensure accurate mold inspection and professional mold remediation services that meets all safety and regulatory requirements. We provide direct inspection and utilize advanced technologies to determine the type and source of the mold problem and send tests to a professional lab to provide you with a detailed report about the condition of your home or business.

The information from our direct mold inspection and lab reports are used to design a mold remediation plan that is tailored for the specific needs of your home or commercial property. You will be advised about the type of mold and technique that will be used for mold remediation, drywall repair, and carpet cleaning, and preventing mold spores from spreading throughout your property. your questions will be answered prior to mold remediation.

If you have seen mold, smelled moldy odors, or suspect mold in your home or commercial building, it is important to act quickly to prevent further damage to your property. Please browse our website to read more about our services for drywall repairs, mold inspection, and mold remediation in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Torrance. Please contact CC Cleaning/Maintenance, Inc. at 310-527-7381 or toll free at 800-301-5163 for a free estimate for mold remediation.

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